Milla Jovovich Workout – Exact Diet Plan and Workout

Milla Jovovich WorkoutMilla Jovovich is best known for her roles in Resident Evil, Fifth Element and Ultraviolet. Also being a super model, fashion designer and singer, Milla has done a lot of work and has always remained on top of her diet and fitness regime.

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Resident Evil will be releasing its fifth installment of the franchise called Retribution early next year and as for the nature of previous Resident Evil films, they have been no slouch in the action department.

In order for Milla to perform at the top of her game, she has always followed and maintained a great diet and workout plan that has kept her lean and in shape constantly for many years.

How does Milla Jovovich do it?

Milla’s workout and diet are both constructed on consistency and dedication, but she will be the first to tell you that its not so much the exact exercises she was doing but the principles in which she has instilled to get in shape. Milla has made it a point to workout regularly and stick to a well balanced diet that will keep her lean and provide her with the energy that she is required to perform at the top of her lever for her action sequences.

Milla Jovovich WorkoutMilla Jovovich looks super fit yet ultra feminine and she does it by using this exact workout plan.

Milla Jovovich Workout

Milla’s workout does not consist mainly of cardio, but its the fine tuning adjustments that she does to her routine that makes the difference with her achieving the type of physique she has.

This together with a variety of different exercises and diet plan, Milla is able to systematically and predictably drop body fat on demand.

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